Our Purpose: Value Creation

Arete is a value creator in the global real estate development market. From investing proprietary capital into a project's sponsorship to providing advisory services to a local developer in an emerging market, Arete has the capability to add value in many different ways. Whether the local partner is a seasoned developer or simply a land owner with a business plan, Arete will bring its arsenal of resources to any endeavor it engages in. 

At Arete, our goal is to align with developers and investors that aspire to create developments that stretch beyond pure economic results. We wish to not only change an arena's economic and commercial contribution, but we desire to radically change the way a development's inputs - design, material and human - connect together to create an environment that can withstand the test of time.

Our Name: Arete

The Greek Philosophers coined Arete to mean: Excellence of Any Kind and Reaching One’s Potential. Arete is the credo that forms the foundation for all that we aspire to do. To the Greeks, this notion of greatness manifested itself through a person’s effective use of all of their resources to fulfill a worthy purpose or function. We see our work at Arete as a natural extension of this – we effectively use our resources to create thoughtful, innovative, and sustainable human habitation for the global community.

 Our Logo: The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life has been a common motif in various theologies throughout the world for millennia. It has been used both to represent evolution from common descent and conversely to connect all forms of creation into a common trunk. We use it both ways in our logo. We use the upright tree to represent the evolution of the real estate development industry and the may paths that evolution has taken, including the innovative path we choose to follow. We use the upside down tree to represent the connection of all of the various inputs needed to create our final product, represented by the tree’s trunk.